About Us

HAR Gemilang Resources

HAR Gemilang Resources is a company built from a vast array of operational experience in building maintenance & management, cleaning service, swimming pool & water features, HVAC, and engineering services for the preceding 9 years with a well maintained and relentless reputation. We can provide full service and maintenance programs tailored to your requirements, which can range from “care” maintenance of an empty building through to a resident engineer on a large office or commercial complex.

We can uphold all building services and equipment utilizing either our directly employed labour force, or specialist sub-contractors who meet our requirements, both in terms of Quality Assurance and Health and Safety.

HAR Gemilang Resources is providing a quality service at competitive prices, together with the recognition of client’s requirements and provision of cost effective solutions and high level service delivery.

Apart from that, we still able to offer the personal service which, even in these modern times, is still highly valued by many customers. With the necessary procedures in place this will confirm that we are capable of providing bespoke services to the highest level and to the complete satisfaction of our client.

Nasiruddin Kassim
Managing Director
Executive Master’s in Management